Force India will have big improvements in Bahrain and Spain


Force India completed a 2015 remarkable up close his best season in F1. An excellent departure point to meet a 2016 where the technical continuity will allow the team of Vijay Mallya to return to have a high performance. Aware of all this, the indian team has put all the meat on the grill with the VJM09, a single-seater that premiered during the preseason and unlike its predecessor, has not been born with several months of delay. Crucial step for Force India at the time of to be competitive from the first minute of the season.

in Addition, Force India have an ambitious programme of developments in the first third of 2016, as confirmed by Olmar Szafnauer, Chief of Operations of the team: “The tests have been very solid for us. We introduced new components in the second week of the test that gave us good data and we are going to develop these components for Bahrain and Spain“. In his statements to ‘Autosport’, Szafnauer also added: “The aim is to introduce some aerodynamic improvements in Baherin and then in Spain, there will be changes in the suspension and other changes in aerodynamic. At this time, we are reviewing all the parties for putting them in the car”.

according To the words of Olmar Szafnauer it seems that everything is planned to the millimeter: “After that, there are still more parts to come. Then we will see our level of performance in comparison with rivals, what will determine the time to change our approach to 2017 since the change of regulation is huge,”. All in all, at Force India expect to be in the same level in 2015: “In connection with the long run pace, I think that we will be in a similar position to where we finished last season. In some races we will be just ahead of Williams and others, we will exceed them, but with Toro Rosso and Red Bull in the fight”.