Force India will introduce in Barcelona a evolution to solve their problems


Force India has started the season suffering more than expected in qualifying, but knowing how to get the maximum out of his car in the race. Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon have scored in all the races and this has allowed the team to be placed in the fourth place in the constructors ‘ championship.

But, despite this, the VJM10 has several problems that the team is striving to solve as soon as possible. “we Know exactly what happens, Andy (Green – Technical Director) and the team agree that there is a problem of correlation (with the results of the wind tunnel), we knew from the test in Barcelona. The effects have been identified, the solutions adopted and are already in production. We hope that in Barcelona we can start to attack instead of defend ourselves”, commented Bob Fernley in statements to Autosport.

The deputy Chief of Force India recognizes that the problem is aerodynamic, and it all begins in a failure of correlation of data with respect to the wind tunnel that causes the aerodynamic flow off the body, and between in loss, creating instability in the car. “It’s a great evolution, but part of it is to correct some of the problems that we’ve had. The pilots say that it causes instability and the car goes into loss, the aerodynamic load comes and goes in curves of low and medium speed. Bahrain what is brought to light especially, Russia will do the same probably. Not resolve it, but we can mitigate it a little. New floors and other things will be available in Barcelona,”, explained Fernley.