Ford added 13 new models electric 2020


This is the teaser that was shown to Ford for its next PHEVS that will be presented in Detroit

The bet of the automotive industry for electric mobility already looks unstoppable. Most brands are adding to their range of products cars who renounce fossil fuels, and Ford will be one of the manufacturers that more clear you have it: the american group has announced that by 2020, 40% of his range will be electric.

Currently, Ford has five alternative models in portfolio. They are the hybrids Fusion Hybrid and C-Max Hybrid, plug-in hybrids Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi and the car is 100% electric Focus Electric. To these are added other 13 models over the next five years.

To achieve this purpose the mark of the oval will invest 4,500 million dollars (a 4.140 million euros). By the time they have already hired 120 engineers for their Development Center in Dearborn (united States), who will work closely with other laboratories in Germany, Uk and China.


For five years, Ford will introduce 13 new hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric

The development of new batteries will play an important role and this is why Ford made a great investment in 2013 in a program of the University of Michigan to achieve batteries smaller, lighter and more economic to produce. In the same sense, are conducting research projects in Europe and Asia.

Mark Fields, CEO of Ford Motor Company, points out that “we believe that plug-in hybrids make a lot of sense for many customers”. Maybe that is why it is not surprising that the first to arrive will be a new hybrid plug-in that will be presented next month at the Detroit motor show.

will Not be the only novelty that we see this coming year as also in 2016 it is expected the arrival of the new generation of the Ford Focus Electric. Among other models, by the end of 2018 will arrive plug-in hybrids Focus Energi and Escape Energi and in 2019 there will be a Ford F-Series Hybrid.