Ford also is taking advantage of the suspensions magical

Ford Mondeo Vignaleto Talk about suspensions and ways of understanding the comfort to board a vehicle is like talking about the sex of the angels, since there may be as many perceptions as there are people in the world. This is why the marks develop system you better believe that it can adapt to the needs of their customers. Some examples are the Hidractiva Citroën, the Active Control of the passenger Compartment of Nissan (attached to the Chassis Control), or the Magic Body Control with Road Surface Scan Mercedes and S-Class.

As another example, to join to this list is the new suspension anti bumpy Ford. This new suspension will be fitted in the equipment of the Sport of Ford Fusion american, that is our Ford Mondeo in europe. This saloon is about the ecuador of its commercial life and you will soon receive subtle changes aesthetic to keep it current, however we do not know if this new suspension will jump the pond and will be offered on the market european.

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operation this system is based on the use of twelve sensors high-resolution. Thanks to these shock absorbers are adapted to the conditions of the firm each two milliseconds. In addition, the sensors are connected, i.e., sensors in the wheels front will notify the rear to be prepared for the unexpected than to get them going. In this way, the vehicle is adapted in the best possible way to every situation.

As we can see in the video when the sensor detects the edge of a pothole adapt the response of the shock absorbers making them more rigid, making no falling in the pothole. In this way the ping pong balls are not estripadas, which eggs, and so does not pass the shock to the occupants in the interior.

in Addition, with this suspension Ford looks not only that their cars are more comfortable at the time of roll by all sorts of paths. The american household seeking behavior dynamic of their cars continue to be a reference and to do this by using a remote control the driver can select two mode. The first will be normal and your fit will be between the comfort and dynamic behavior discreet. The second will be the mode sport. In this position the car will reduce the inclination of your body and you will become more direct to the orders of the driver.

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