Ford and BlackBerry join forces to develop the new Sync

Ford SyncIn the year 2007 came to life Sync, the infotainment system of Ford Motor Company. Sync was a system ahead of its time as it allowed to connect the mobile to the vehicle and provide the driver with traffic information in real-time. During this time he has helped Ford to attract many customers, however, and although it has already been updated two times in this decade it starts to wear over time compared to its more modern rivals.

His birth came from the hand of the signing of the oval, and Microsoft. However for the development of its third generation things are going to change. In a shift of strategy, Ford has decided to go for another technology partner to develop the necessary software for the next generation of its Sync system. The candidate chosen by the firm is the canadian BlackBerry.

Ford Transit 2016Until now BlackBerry was once a supplier of Ford in terms of the physical part of the Sync system and the signing of the oval riding the software that provided by Microsoft. However, the canadian firm (specialized in the development of software for mobile platforms) has announced along with Ford, which now will be the developer’s main software that will mount the evolution of the Sync system.

Both parties have not revealed the exact details of the agreement. Yes we know that the system will be based on the platform QNX. This platform would be being adjusted and set to a point between the engineers of BlackBerry and the brand to give as a result a third generation of the Sync system.

by Using this platform Ford and BlackBerry will be able to create an infotainment system to the height of the mounted rivals to the signing of the oval. It is very likely that the new release of Sync is available in the next generations of the Mondeo and Fócus as well as to expand to the rest of the brands that make up the group, and Ford Motor Company.

Source – Ford

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