Ford and London together to test the Transist Plug-in Hybrid

Ford Transist Plug-in Hybrid

London is one of the cities most large, densely populated and congested in the world. The traffic in certain places of the city is overwhelming and moving through those streets can lead to a waste of time very important. In addition to all this we must add that the air of the capital of Uk is very dirty because of pollution and the health problems that this causes are beginning to bloom.

To improve the situation of the air of the city, the authorities of London and Ford Motor Company have reached an agreement in order to test a fleet of vans with hybrid plug-in. The u.s. firm has a very good “relationship” with customers in england (it seems like a brand homeland more) and thanks to this friendship may test your van Ford Transist Plug-in Hybrid.

Ford Transist Plug-in Hybrid

The idea that pursue both parties is to improve the air quality in London. In it, the vehicles of transport and delivery are very numerous, and the pollution produced is very high. Therefore, with the introduction of this fleet of 20 vans for distribution plug-in hybrids may reduce the amount of NOx released to the atmosphere. To carry out this plan will have funding of $ 5.8 million from the administration in london.

Ford will carry out this pilot scheme in London from the technical centre who have in Dunton (Uk). The duration of this project will be of twelve months and after the improvements that they can receive the Transist Plug-in Hybrid will enter the second phase. In this second step, planned for the year 2019, the vans will go on sale in Europe and other markets such as the united States.

Be see if this program comes to other markets european as the Spanish, or if on the contrary, when the firm decides to put it up for sale we can buy it from our border.

Source – Ford Motor Company