Ford and Mercedes-Benz join Renault in the investigation of emissions in France

few days Ago jumped the news that Renault was being investigated for discrepancies in the certification of the emissions that have been approved by their vehicles. That same day, the French authorities, and the Ministère de l Écologie led by Ségolène Royal announced that, in effect, Renault was not the only brand that was being investigated, and that several foreign manufacturers have expressed some emissions that far exceed those approved in the tests that are calling out under the so-called Commission Royal. The French daily Echos (via Automotive News) has revealed this week that the model that has made the jump all the alarms is none other than the Renault Capture, and that Mercedes-Benz and Ford are also being investigated.

The Commission Royal works with manufacturers to try to unravel the reason why you have produced these discrepancies in the emissions of the models investigated.

Before continuing, it is extremely important to remember what is the presumption of innocence. The case, Volkswagen has taken to spread the message, even demagogue, that “all are guilty until proven otherwise”. It is important to remember that the Commission Royal is still in the research process and that the inspectors would be in permanent contact with the manufacturers to decipher the cause of these discrepancies between the certifications, and the tests that are being carried out in France to attempt to clarify whether manipulation, or irregularities in the emissions of NOx AND CO2 are a widespread practice, or a case of “isolated” of the Volkswagen Group.

ford-c-max-2015-prueba-02-1440pxThe Commission Royal would be investigating the models Renault Capture, Mercedes S-Class and Ford C-MAX.

information Echos speak of the Renault Capture as one of the affected models, apparently because of some problem in their treatment of exhaust gases, and in the mitigation of NOx. There is not any accusation that there has been a trick illegal to exceed the emission standard, but already it is dropping the possibility of carrying out some sort of call to review. Renault denied emphatically having used illegal techniques, and in their latest press release even was happy that they were carrying out these investigations, and their technicians were contributing with the French authorities, to provide greater clarity on the sector.

According to the same information, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class 350 BlueTec would have yielded inconsistent results in the tests. Let’s remember that this diesel has a technology type AdBlue to reduce NOx emissions. Without knowing what kind of inconsistency has occurred, it is very difficult to predict what is going to happen.

In the case of Ford, the model affected would have been the C-MAX, which according to Echos would have yielded a result in the analysis of their NOx emissions five times higher than allowed.

The important thing, we insist, is to take into account that they still have not made public the results of the Commission Royal and that, for the moment, there will be that unravel because they have produced these discrepancies in the certification of emissions to imagine what will be the next step of the French authorities, and the response of manufacturers that might be affected.

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