Ford and Mercedes have problems for the emissions of NOx with the Commission Royal in France


Photo: Nathan Hughes Hamilton (Flickr) CC BY

Euro 6 imposes a limit of 80 mg/km of NOx. Except Volkswagen, which already admitted his guilt – the rest of the manufacturers are not supposed to use specific schedules to overcome the official tests, that is to say, “defeat devices”. We have analyzed a quarter of the total of 100 vehicles investigated.

mid-week we met the Renault Capture dCi 110 (Euro 6) has a campaign to fix the detected units manufactured during the summer suffered a misalignment in their systems, anti-pollution. Are affected 15.800 units. That, and the registration of the three sites of the manufacturer, triggered a sharp fall in its share price.

We have two new suspects, the Ford C-MAX TDCi and the Mercedes-Benz S 350 d, according to Les Echos. In the first case, the evidence discloses a NOx emissions up to five times above the limits, and in the second case, inconsistencies in the emissions according to the different tests. Both models have been tested according to the Euro 6 legislation, for which they were approved.


The S-Class of Mercedes is not very representative in number, but in the image

¿why is this happening?

Commission Royal (it takes its name by the minister responsible, Ségolène Royal) and the UTAC are testing cars with three different procedures. In the first place, it makes the standardized test according to the cycle NEDC, which is done in the laboratory. While all of the controlled conditions, the test has validity as a method of approval, the problem is that there are realistic conditions.

Ford and Daimler (Mercedes) deny that they have ecus tricky

In the second place, is performed another laboratory test, but altering the ideal conditions. It is the same method that has been used by the University of Bern (Deutsche Umwelthilfe) and by Emission Analytics (for television networks). Can be enough this test to find emissions above what is allowed, since changes preconditioning of the cars.

In the third place, it makes a test outside of laboratories, in the street, where emissions are easily far superior to those of the official tests. With and without specific schedules, the engineers spun very fine to comply with the NOx limits in highly controlled conditions, but not so much for actual use.


The Ford C-MAX received a restyling and the engines were upgraded to the normative Euro 6

For manufacturers it is unfair to make tests out of the lab, as they are not agreed conditions or foreseeable. Given that they were not designed vehicles to meet the limits in these conditions, the may appear serious discrepancies, and, of course, do not respect the legal limits.

From 2017 the approvals will involve road testing

, the latter does not have anything of illegal, the European Union requires compliance with the regulations Euro in the test lab, not outside. Now, being the diesel more than 50% of sales of passenger cars, atv’s, and I SAW light at the european level, if emissions are out of control, we are facing a public health problem of the first order.

Cities like Madrid have to take restrictive measures promptly to be the emissions of NOx above the recommended values (and also above the legal values). If all vehicles in circulation, conforming strictly with the rules in real-world conditions, we would not have the pollution problems that we have in the big european cities.