Ford begins to produce his own line of caravans and conversions camper

Ford has begun in the united States an interesting project. Instead of letting external companies take all the business of the conversions of “camperización” of their pick-up and vans, has signed an agreement with the company conversion Livin Lite to offer kits OEM camperización, which can be purchased at the dealer itself. Joins the trend started in Europe with the Mercedes with accessories Westfalia or vans Volkswagen T6, prepared in series for camping in the version in California.

A logo of Ford on the side panels and an embroidered on the seats, unlike other products of Livin Lite.

The Ford F-Series – from the “little” F-150 short battle to the huge F-350 with dual rear axle – is a very popular for the creation of small motorhomes. The US remains a country in love with the road, and the country where most motorhomes I have seen rolling, with a difference. The rv Livin ‘ Lite is sold with official warranty Ford and are designed to fit perfectly in the box of the pick-up Ford. They also sell caravans full, much more comfortable, but also much more voluminous.

The rv is offered in pick-ups with beds 6 and 8 feet in length – respectively, about 1.9 metres and 2.5 metres – and the caravan for towing have a length of 6.7, and 7.3 metres. The products from Livin Lite are quality products, with a name which is already recognised in the industry. The products are built with an aluminum structure and panels of composite material, while at the same time light and robust… just as expensive. Trailers started at about $ 35,000.

Within, so much the trailer as the motorhome have typical amenities. A bed and a well equipped kitchen, with everything you could possibly need on a trip to the typical national park. It is not too big – it is in the case of a simple F-150 – but fulfils its function. Yes, hopefully you take well with your partner, because in such a small space can be a place to many discussions. For the time being, will only be sold in the U.S. and do not include the range of vans more affordable, as the Transit and Transit Connect.

Source: Ford
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