Ford believes that Lynk & Co sounds too similar to your Lincoln mark

Ford believes that customers could confuse Lynk & Co with Lincoln, because the English pronunciation is quite similar. It is for this reason that they will begin legal action to try to avoid that Geely can use that name.

Lto brand new Geely Lynk & Co appears not to have made his debut with the right foot, as Ford believes that your pronunciation is too similar to its brand-oriented luxury Lincoln.

according to recent reports, the mark of the oval will take legal action against the chinese firm, to try to protect the reputation of Lincoln, a brand that builds up 100 years of history on their backs.

The american brand believes that as they are today, things, the English pronunciation of “Lyk & Co” is too similar to “Lincoln” , which would end up confusing the customers and that is why they are willing to fight for it in court.

In this sense, the Patent and Trademark Office, the united States gave Ford the opportunity to oppose registered trademark of Geely, setting a deadline of 90 days to gather the documentation and present the case.

it Is unknown whether both parties have already established conversations about this topic, though you probably know what’s new over the next few weeks.

Leaving aside the legal problems, is something strange the name chosen by Geely for this brand new, nearly unpronounceable in Spanish-language markets.