Ford C-Max in 2017, is already underway by the united States

In 2003, Ford released a smaller version of its large mpv, the Ford S-Max. Since then we have seen a few renewals of this compact model, the last of them in 2010, when its production was handed over to the plant in Almusafes, Valencia. The Ford C-Max 2017 is already under way and is expected to receive minor modifications.


a Lot of camouflage, but we do not expect many changes with respect to the current generation

this is Not a complete renovation, the images we send you. Rather, it will be a facelift which will focus on upgrading the image of the Ford C-Max for to make it more in line with the new design philosophy of Ford, and more attractive in front of potential rivals. A further step in the evolution that we saw a year and a half.

By within we do not know if there will be changes, although we imagine that, yes. It will include the latest technological advances from Ford, with a infotainment system of the latest generation, the SYNC3, which is already mounted by other units of the family, as well as attendees to the driving improved, something that has never missed in the minivan.

Currently the european versions of the C-Max displayed power units including diesel and petrol. engines Ecoboost represent the most ecological in the range, together with the corresponding version of LPG, that we have already had occasion to prove. These versions will still be present in the new generation, and maybe some more.

We mean a alternative hybrid or hybrid plug-in like what you see in the images. The united states does with this version, but not here. It is hoped that from next year because we can enjoy the combination of a gasoline engine with an electric, which currently offers an urban consumption of 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers.


The most novel feature of this new generation would be the arrival of a hybrid version to Europe

despite the few cosmetic changes that are expected in the Ford C-Max in 2017, this facelift yes that will be accompanied by a review of technological and mechanical. is Still yet to confirm that a hybrid version will cross the pond, though they surely do. There is still a long way until you see it discovered, probably by the end of this year or early next.