Ford C-Max to the test: towards the Alto Tajo with… the minivan with better market dynamics?

Ford has the Ford C-Max a practical vision of the segment C, an alternative cut even more practical than the Ford Focus and ready to satisfy those who require a larger space. We have already made test, we have put behind their steering wheel and we traveled up to the Alto Tajo to find out, touring great part of the natural park, enjoying its corners while we boarded, detail by detail, to the mpv compact Ford, the alternative to the Citroën C4 Picasso, the Renault Scénic. Can we be convinced? Join us in our journey through the Alto Tajo.

Red, with the propellant 1.5 TDCI 120 horses, manual changes, finishing with the Titanium… Ford hands me the keys to the Ford C-Max in a parking lot full of ST, a Ford Mustang… I look up, there is no trace of the Ford Focus RS or the Ford Fiesta ST200.

Okay, I’m not going to deny that I would not mind to change the keys of the C-Max by a Ford Mustang V8… but duty is duty, and we cannot be all the day of sports in sports, even once in a while, on a few occasions, the body will ask for a “detox” prestacional.

The trip is planned. Days ago he had already scheduled with Juanma is production by the Alto Tajo. After tours with MINI, with the MINI Cooper S Cabrio and the MINI John Cooper Works we played this Ford C-Max.

again first hour of the day, step the foot below the rear bumper (it has the opening system of the trunk “hands-free”) and loose belongings, which are not few, in your trunk. Juanma appears in the rearview mirror while rising the sun light. Time to get moving.


A design perfectly recognizable as a Ford and articulated around their roster:

Ford’s renewed to this model in the Salon Paris 2014, a renewal that involved the introduction of the new design features of the brand, special to the front grill, in addition to new engines, a new multimedia system and attending to the driving.

Without a doubt your grill articulates all the aesthetics. This nerve side seems to direct our gaze to her, those optics with daytime running lights built-in only is in charge of strengthening their presence, the pilot post extending through the side seem, again, to lead our eyes until your front bumper…

All of the traits fit with the latest releases of the brand and they are perfectly brought up to the compact segment, moving the philosophy of sight in the Ford B-Max and the Ford S-Max to a new level.

Ford_c-max-prueba-2016_mdm_19 is Ugly?How nice? Since then judge a minivan by its aesthetic seems to me a failure, except in exceptional cases of course. Its practicality, its livability, its response to the daily battle… they should be the ones in charge of ruling, finally, the purchase of a car as well.

I am more of a supporter of a family car and even a SUV, but obviously this type of bodywork we offer important advantages for those looking for the most rational of motor sport, for those looking for space without falling in the dimensions most showy and disadvantage of equipment and finish of passenger cars, derived commercial.

Good housing, and a driving position high:

Ford_c-max-prueba-2016_mdm_5as with the exterior we encounter in your cabin with a design that we find, look where you look, family. We have seen the majority of features in the bulk of models of the brand, with special attention to a central console with which I am little or nothing in accordance and no, it is not precisely because of its quality, something that complies with good note, but with a great presence of buttons whose order and design not me ends up convincing. It seems to Me a much liosa and little aesthetic, something that, in my judgment, it does not help the two air vents above.

The arrangement of buttons, knobs… I was left with the feeling that you are in need of a small period of adaptation in order to handle it all, some of their rivals enjoy a more intuitive layout, something that we can extend the bulk of the interiors of the brand.

beyond this first impression, and while aboard the highway with Zaorejas as the destination in the browser, I’m bumping slowly with details with a good constitution, with a few settings well resolved.

The feel also is enhanced, in the case of our unit, out of the hand of the upholstery leather.

On the central console lies the multimedia system SYNC2, with an 8-inch touch screen and 4 “areas” main: air-conditioning, the radio dial, the information from the phone that we have connected and navigation. I recognize that makes me not as intuitive as I would like, but nor is it boisterous, and the interface feels good the day, with a touch response optimal.

I has been curious to the driving position, why? By the position of the seat, high up at their lowest point, almost as if we were an SUV, giving us a good view of the traffic.

Both the squares in front as the rears have a good habitability. Five adults travelling without a problem, without the drawbacks not for your luggage. In the rear we came across two small tables, folding, constitution could be improved yes, but it is certainly a good wink and secure that the small ones of the house will appreciate in the face to play in them.

I found No big hit in his access, nor in the space available for the legs or your height.

trunk account with a cubicaje of 471 litres, a capacity that also comes from the hand of a well-usable. Putting in context this capacity we find that it is partner to the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer and slightly lower than the Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan or KIA Carens, being in the middle of the segment.

Since then, there is space more than enough for our bags with the cameras to the tripods and we have a system of opening which is in charge of lifting the tailgate by sliding the foot under the bumper, it’s great when we go back to the car loaded with all the material.


A dynamic striking

as mentioned at the board your design a minivan is purchased (or should be buy) mainly by the virtues they have in fulfilling their practical purpose, but is that the Ford C-Max meets notably in the section dynamic. In fact I was surprised, quite pleasantly, during the test.

Stable and comfortable on the motorway, with a good tread, well insulated… and with a pleasing agility between curves, with a nice touch of direction and a great job on the part of the suspensions, with the swings and just feeling really close to a compact in the step-by-curve. I said, really astonishing.

You feel comfortable and feel effective. , transmitiéndonos a pleasant feeling of security. Security, yes, that is the feeling with which I am faced with the stretch of secondary road that leaves us at the foot of the access to Zaorejas.

Ford_c-max-prueba-2016_mdm_17Without a doubt, the touch of his direction to me it is the best in the segment. In fact I would like to meet with these sensations in a compact…

One last picture, we frame the car in one of the squares of this small town of a little over 130 inhabitants and we went to the hotel of the town to give judgment to a couple of dishes before continuing with the session and with our route following the course of the Tagus.


crystal-clear Waters, spectacular scenery…

One of the locals of the surrounding area of the hotel to refresh us directions to one of the natural beaches of the surrounding area, at the foot of the Pit, and I say refresh because years ago, when even he had come to the institute, I had the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful natural landscape of the surroundings of Zaorejas.

Soon the road becomes a path, the powder starts to coat the car and the suspensions kilometres back sentenciaban with firmly curves tend now to absorb the impact of the stones of the road. again with a nice result.

Ford_c-max-prueba-2016_mdm_4Ford_c-max-prueba-2016_mdm_8a Few kilometers after we bumped into the spectacular turquoise of the Tagus, fully transparent, down, here, with force, until Lisbon. Around hundreds of trees were swirling to create, along with the murmur of the water, an idyllic picture that is perfectly framed by the cliffs that line the river’s course.

The heat tightens, the water entices us and around us are only the hustle and bustle of the natunature, of birds, of insects.

Our path continues parallel to the river. Up and in the most absolute intimacy. We don’t cross with anyone, and the Alto Tajo natural park provides stunning landscapes from the crags. The vultures flying over us, to fund the Bridge of Peñalén and just, under this construction medieval, the crystal clear waters. What immensity.

Ford_c-max-prueba-2016_mdm_13Ford_c-max-prueba-2016_mdm_16Each stop is paid off with a new photo. We take an unusual break. The environment is well worth it.

Our tour by crossing the natural park leads us up to Molina de Aragón. We fill the tank and proceed to clean the car in a stale laundry. The trail dust was embedded in the depths of the C-Max. We have not yet finished with the photos and it must be presentable in the minivan from Ford.

From Molina de Aragon we will head back to Zaorejas with the intention of stopping in the Bridge of Saint Peter, an enclave in which swirls a beach along the shores of the river, after finishing with the bulk of the photos.

again clear, pure, the water we receive in a enclave now more somber. The light falls, Juanma prepares to give way to the photo of the interior of the Ford C-Max.


What is pertaining to your diesel engine?

back home, enjoying the path, walking, as we usually do, to the greatest possible number of miles by secondary roads, leaving us with countless encounters with deer of all sizes. In pairs, solitary, scattered… scamper, now drop the light through the surroundings of the road, by the firm alone. Mingled with a thousand eyes, with the rate significantly reduced. What a show.

throughout the afternoon we had been accompanied, among the trees, like shadows, now, in the peace of the night, are the protagonists of the way. The danger of the deer, with the solemnity of the night, comes the time to reflect on the mechanics of this Ford C-Max.

Our unit has the motor 1.5 TDCI 120 horses and 270 Nm of torque. A mechanic that was introduced in the last facelift of the model and which is positioned in the range of the Ford C-Max at a point intermediate between the alternative 1.5 TDCI 95 horses and the 2.0 TDCI 150 hp, without losing sight of the options gasoline from the hand of the 1.0 EcoBoost 100 and 125 horses or the 1.5 EcoBoost 150 hp, .

Ford_c-max-prueba-2016_mdm_2 What we offer this diesel engine?

This block, 4-cylinder, turbo and 1.5-liter cubicaje, offers us an answer more than enough to move the C-Max with the ease that accurate on the day-to-day, without going into consumption, exorbitant and without allowing ourselves to be “sold” in overtaking, allowing us a good cruise.

Obviously is not a “missile” in the 0 to 100 km/h, also reaches a maximum speed of stroke (in fact does not reach, according to Ford, the 200 km/h) but responds well enough for what is supposed to be done this car: being the diary car for a family, with urban tours from Monday to Friday and the occasional weekend getaway.

Not only in terms of performance, also in consumption. During our test the Ford C-Max flirted constantly with consumption that is slightly above the 5 l/100 km and that approached or exceeded very timidly the 6 l/100 km when on our journeys, we more emphasis on the city.

The propellant offers us a soft answer, within the purrs of common mechanical diesel, topándonos with the most energetic of their response from 2,000 rpm. The passenger compartment does not reach a noise remarkable or appreciate vibrations worthy of mention.


how Much does it cost our Ford C-Max?

The Ford C-Max that we have tested account with the finish of Titanium and the engine 1.5 TDCI 120 horses, which leaves us with a starting price of, with discount, 19.600 euros (24.850 euros without discounts).

At this price we must add the 625 euro’s tone of paint, 2,000 euros for the leather upholstery, the 1,100 euros package Titanium+ (sunroof and automatic gate) and 1.950 euros of the Travel package Titanium (bi-xenon headlights, rear view camera, alloy wheels of 17 inches, browser, parking sensors front and rear…) as the most prominent elements of your optional equipment.

In total, slightly exceeding the 30,000 euros, an amount that discounts are reduced approximately up to 25,500 euros.


With a space available in the middle of the segment, its dynamics becomes its great strength:

The hustle and bustle of nature, of the thousand bugs and birds several the bank of the Tajo, pass bullico of Madrid. It’s late, we unloaded the cameras, we empty the trunk.

why choose the Ford C-Max against its rivals? Without a doubt your quality of rolling has seemed to me one of the highlights, both for the work of the suspension as for the good touch for your address. Also your mechanical diesel of 120 horses, it seems to me an excellent choice for a car of this type.

A habitability is more than correct, a cabin well-resolved in what material respects, a trunk in the middle of the segment…

we Still have to put test to the new Renault Scénic (see all the details of the new Renault Scénic 2017), but since then the Ford C-Max is one of the alternatives more competitive in the segment.

Gallery of images of the test of the Ford C-Max:

Photos by Juanma G. Camera.

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