Ford could have confirmed by mistake the new Mustang Shelby GT500


Unit testing of the new Mustang Shelby.

The new Mustang is more and more near, in Detroit, we can finally see the renewed pony car, which has barely changed since it was presented at the end of 2013. Of the novelties of this new generation we have already spoken on more than one occasion, and we have already been able to see even units of testing of all variants of bodywork, with all the mechanical options of the range.

But, in spite of the little time left for the presentation of the model, there is a version that is still to be confirmed, the Shelby GT500. The rumors suggest that the current GT350 and GT350R will be replaced by this new name, which was also used in the fifth generation of the Mustang, the models 2013 and 2014.

In the last few months have been several reports that auguraban the arrival of new finishes to the new range Mustang 2017, as the Shelby GT500 and Mach 1, another classic title. However, a small finding of the american press seems to have confirmed the arrival of the GT500. Although only apparently.


The title of the first result speaks for itself.

According to various media, perform a Google search with the terms GT500 us appears in the first place a result very suspect, a current page of the corporate website for Ford with the title “2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 | The Cobra of Performance Cars”, however, the page in question is relative to the current Mustang V6, only available in some markets and the who says it will disappear in this new iteration of the Mustang.

it Is evident that Shelby GT500 2017 does not exist, at least for the moment, so that is not likely to be a simple mistake of the developers or a remnant of the previous model, which was discontinued in the summer of 2015, a month before entering in manufacturing the current GT350.

But a look at the source code of that page throws us new tracks, since one of the keywords that can be found is “the Shelby GT500 5.8-liter V8 engine”. This keyword describes precisely the previous GT500, equipped with the engine V8 Trinity 5.8-liter, with its 670 horsepower remains the Mustang’s most powerful released so far. The GT350 current with their little over 530 HP is barely about.


Strange URL for this page is Ford.

This could suggest a return of the V8 Trinity, however, up to this time all reports indicated that the new GT500 would be a new supercharged version of the V8 Voodoo used up to now in the GT350 and GT350R. The V8 Voodoo is a block of 5.2 liters, which has a crankshaft plane or crossplane, and its supercharged version, which would receive the appellation V8 Predator, could achieve powers higher than 700 horses.

Specifically, the figures suggest the previous reports point to an arc between the 750 and 810 horses, entering the fray directly with the versions of Hellcat from Dodge. Although it is true that until the previous generation of the Mustang was available several kits of empowerment that already raised the power up to those numbers thanks to improvements in turbocharging and intercooling.

That the new Mustang will have a version GT500 it seems more than likely, but will have to wait a few more months to find out what surprises we hold in store their sport versions. Since the next month of January in Detroit will reveal only the range as a regular pony car, taking a few more months to reach the possible versions Shelby.