Ford could have filtered the new edition Mustang Bullitt


Fragment of the video with the images in the background.

you May completely intentional, although we don’t think so, but Ford seems to have unveiled the new version Bullitt Mustang 2018. This seems to have leaked in some images that briefly appear in one of the latest videos official Dwayne Johnson for the american brand.

The actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is now ambassador Ford, so it is common to find audio-visual material on this on the social networks, in very different events of the brand, even appearing on the first official images of the new Mustang 2018.

In one of his last videos, actor visit the facilities of the brand and chat with some of the employees, reviewed the wind tunnel and even the chamber that simulates extreme temperatures. In one of the fragments of the video, the actor is in a different area chatting with some of the employees and after them, you clearly see the images of a Mustang, with some small differences to the photos that we have seen up to now of the new model 2018.

The images can be found between the minutes 3:07 and 3:13, and we clearly see some large images on the wall behind the protagonists of the video. The pictures are not too clear, but one can clearly appreciate certain details, that do not fit with what Ford has shown us up to now of the newly presented model.

The features are very clear, body dark green and a clean grill, without the essential emblem Mustang. In addition, the tires seem to be obscured, which fits perfectly with a new commemorative version of the iconic Mustang that appeared in the film Bullitt – starring Steve McQueen – one of the tapes most famous to the most die-hard petrolheads.

Coincidentally, in 2018 is met 50 years of the premiere of the feature film
. On models 2001 and 2009, Ford launched the latest special editions
Bullitt Mustang, equipped with precisely the characteristics