Ford could make adjustments on the template of its factory in Almussafes

Ford logoThe european market for new vehicles seems to go from strength to strength at full sail (with the exception of the descent of the last month) and all of the manufacturers believe that this year will be much better than the past in terms of sales and profits. However some brands and models, such as Audi with your Q3 or Ford with some products manufactured in Almussafes (Spain) it seems that they are not meeting their objectives.

This is what is happening Ford in Spain. The american brand has spent several years in the the european market resists and reach the black numbers it is costing you more than desired. However, after the restructuring they did in their factories european and the relocation of its production everything seemed to go the right way. This relocation of production and models affection very positively to Almussafes, however, it seems that the models transferred to the plant in Spanish have to curb their production in response to a temporary drop in demand.

Ford Mondeo VignaleInitially this stop of the production is limited to the engine plant that Ford has in Almussafes. To perform this stop of production the address of the factory has been raised of the main unions a Record of the Temporal Regulation of Employment (ERTE) has not yet specified the number of workers affected by the extent and the duration you will have at the time.

This measure will join the one that they had already agreed previously the trade unions and the factory management, which consisted in keeping all the jobs to change to decrease the total count of work hours. In addition, Jesus Alonso, president of Ford Spain has ensured that there is not yet a firm decision about the future of the template of the factory in Almussafes, while reaffirming the action of the directorate, since according to his words are contained in the collective agreement agreed with the trade unions.

Source – Ford

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