Ford could report to the manufacturer of the Mustang GTT

ford-mustang-gran-tu-16_800x0wThe company ólvalo would be studying the possibility of denounce one of the models that were presented in the last edition of the SEMA Show. Ford has called to his team of legal advisors to investigate the Mustang GTT, a preparation submitted by the manufacturer, california-Zero to 60 Design. The preparation combines the design of the american sport with the Ford GT, a combination that seems to have not been to the liking of the u.s. firm.

as simple As that, Ford could report to the manufacturer of the Mustang, TWG, the company Zero to 60 Design. The reason, although we do not yet have all the information, it would be the fact that the trainer is inspired to complete the design of your work in the Ford Mustang and the Ford GT, two of the emblems of the american company. In general lines what that presents us the coach is a Mustang modified, although if you look at the sides, the air intakes of the front or the optical group back, comes to mind the modern design of the Ford GT.

zero-to-60-designs-gtt-with-new-logo2 a company spokesman american has said that “the Ford Mustang and the Ford GT have important design elements that identify uniquely and individually to both models of Ford Performance. The legal counsel of Ford is researching the best way to address the issue.” In the same way, the same spokesman continued by stating that all she knows is that “the legal team of Ford is aware and is investigating.”

The signing has not been decided so far, although its lawyers are studying the case. The Mustang TWG was presented at the SEMA Show this year with this design that you see. Their skin hides a powerful V8 engine-turbo, 5.0-liter that delivers a whopping 800 horsepower.

Source – Carscoops