Ford developed along with Magna Steyr in carbon a new substructure to the chassis

Ford - Magna Steyr Subframe

Technologically the automotive industry is one of the most advanced throughout history. The number of aids and assistants that have been incorporated into today’s vehicles make them much more insurance, however, the technology has also reached other aspects that many people are unaware of. The most common is the use of carbon fiber in the making of chassis to reduce the weight of vehicles that mount it. However, the use of new materials is not going to stop there, because soon we will see them in other elements.

The cars current, if you do not use some lightweight materials for the manufacture of body shells and other parts, would weigh a lot. The reason is that increasingly incorporate more and better technology and as is logical, the weight of the vehicle ends up resenting the rise. In addition to all this, also have to comply with the stringent regulations, anti-pollution and the weight is an enemy to beat if we want to maintain power and performance while achieving low fuel consumption.

Ford Fusion Sport V6 - Ford Mondeo restyling

To make their cars to be lighter, Ford Motor Company has joined the technology specialist Magna Steyr. The aim of their union has been focused on the design and manufacturing of a structure or a front subframe made of a material lighter and stronger that the traditional function. The basic premise of the agreement has been rotated about the use of the carbon fiber and the resistance of the same, since it must withstand high stress.

This part will be responsible to hold the suspensions of the car, motor mounts and other items accessories for the vehicle to work perfectly. To achieve a subframe resistant have employed two molded parts independently joined by only four pieces of metal. All in all, the final weight of the subframe is reduced by up to 34 percent compared to the commonly used in the cars of the u.s. firm.

For now, both Ford Engine as Magna Steyr have just been informed of his achievement and have been reported that are still testing the piece. The tests that are submitting are corrosion, stress of the component materials, maintenance of your way to strong impacts or degree of stiffness to an intensive use on uneven surfaces.

Its arrival at the production cars, if all goes well, it shouldn’t take long. To do this Ford Engine will alert you when it reaches the due time.

Source – Ford – Magna Steyr

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