Ford develops new technologies driving assistance (with videos)

Ford ayuda a la conducciónIf something is making clear the auto industry in recent times is that in the future of driving will be fully autonomous. It is a long-term future, but the systems of driving assistance enjoyed the majority of cars today are the intermediate step between driving a decade ago and the long-term future. The manufacturers do not stop to invest and develop new technologies.

Today Ford shows us the next step in the field of driver assistance. The american brand blue oval has released the systems of driving aids that is currently and that will come to their products in the short term. All of them will improve the safety and comfort of its customers, making easier the use of passenger cars.

cross-traffic Alert with automatic braking


Some cars on the market, today, offer a warning to cross-traffic. This system to help the output gear on the back of a parking lot at battery. A great camera angle located in the rear part of the vehicle detects if you are approaching a vehicle or person that since the rear-view mirrors it would be impossible to see for the driver. In the event of this situation, in addition to alert acoustic and visual, if we don’t react to their warnings, it would be capable of applying a braking force automatically to stop the vehicle, avoiding a possible strike or outrage.

Assistance to address evasive


A camera and a radar, this time located in the front of the vehicle, can to detect vehicles traveling too slow or that are standing in our lane, in front of us. Not to lessen the speed and in the case of applying a significant braking force was impossible to avoid the accident, would provide a assistance to the directorate to perform an abrupt maneuver to dodge, that would avoid the shock by scope.

Alert of movement in the direction of forbidden

Also by using a camera, and coupled to the data browser, this system can know if we are flowing in the direction of forbidden. If so, warn the driver visually and acoustically; avoiding a clear situation of danger.


in Addition to these three major technologies described above, Ford is developing other driving aids to facilitate the parking without the driver even have to handle the pedals, or the transmission; a new detector of pedestrians, cyclists and animals by infrared; a greater width in the front lighting at intersections and roundabouts; and a system that acts on the steering to help the vehicle to circulate through the center of the lane.