“Ford, Drive your Life” is being held this weekend in Granada

Ford Conduce tu Vida

Many times you’ve heard some expression like “in the driving school you are taught to move, not to drive” or “in the driving school just teach you to pass”. We do not want to engage in polemics but what is certain is that a driver no experience that you just removed the card does not has the same skills the steering wheel that a person with several years behind the wheel. This is one of the reasons that we applaud events and activities such as the courses “Ford, Leads your life”.

Many times we may have read recommend the completion of driving courses. These courses serve to enhance the driving technique complicated situations that can occur at any time and in any place. In many cases, having a few notions and have practiced certain maneuvers make the difference between continued driving with a scare or an accident.

courses “Ford, Leads your life” are oriented to young people between 18 and 24 years with permission of driving. In this program participants learn how to address and correct situations of risk, divided into several modules. Attendees receive training and talks to raise awareness about distractions and the importance of knowing how to measure the speed and the space, for example, to gain security in overtaking.

Ford, conduce tu vida

on the other hand, already in practice, participants of this program learn to react to sobrevirajes, techniques of emergency braking, detection and prevention of hazards in the road, as well as the functioning of various safety systems and driving aids.

event will be held, as we said, in Granada, specifically in the calle Pintor Manuel Maldonado, the days 12, 13 and 14 may. Yes, places are limited and young drivers wishing to participate must fill out your application here, given the option to choose dates and times.

This program started for Spain in 2013 and, in the four editions, has already trained more than 2,600 young people today travel with more safety behind the wheel. The edition 2017 has been scheduled to train 900 drivers. Ford announced in the past year, an investment for this programme at european level of € 2.9 million.