Ford, drugs and the awareness of the younger


The new “Suit of driving under the influence of drugs” Ford has been designed with the aim to show drivers the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs. But we’re not referring to the Alcohol, that is a legal drug, we refer to the drug for which is not envisaged tolerance.

once you enfundas, the suit is responsible for to simulate some of the effects of drugs as MDMA, cannabis or cocaine. These effects are the slowing of reaction time, the distortion of sight, a pulse, trembling and coordination impoverished.


This suit will be incorporated into Ford: Drive your Life, the program for young drivers that has provided training to more than 500,000 people from all over the world. In these courses, young drivers will have the opportunity to lead with the suit by a closed circuit.

The goal is to raise awareness and demonstrate drivers more young people to the real risks of circular low effects of these drugs, but leaving the theory aside and letting him experience it in first person.