Ford Escape: the twin american Kuga starts its development


First images of the fourth generation of the Ford Escape.

The model shown in the images corresponds with a mule starting from the fourth generation of the Ford Escape, the american version of the Ford Kuga in europe ” . This employs even to the bodywork of the current model, so it goes fairly unnoticed, but after the panels of his body we can find quite a few new features.

The current generation of the Escape is related to a technical level with the Focus, and we hope that it remains so in the new generation, but it will be conveniently elongated to meet the demands of the segment compact crossover american. As we can see in these spy photos, the mule has no changes visible to the naked eye with the current Exhaust 2017, but contains the development of the new generation.

At the mechanistic level, the new Escape will be equipped with the latest generation of engines EcoBoost of the brand, in addition to a new variant plug-in hybrid, which will use the new hybrid scheme which is being developed by Ford for the next generation of models. This variant replaced at the dealers at the current C-MAX Energi minivan.


Hunted in the vicinity of the facilities of Ford just without camouflage.

The status of this mule is a very early stage of the project, hence be able to employ by the time the body panels of the current model. This unit tests should be designed to test mechanical, and probably the new scheme, driving hybrid.

Although the Ford Kuga today is practically a newcomer to the european market, the Ford Escape it premiered in its current format in the year 2012, as a 2013 model, so that is already a model veteran in north America. After the application of the successful program “One Ford” promoted by Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford until 2014, the Escape and Kuga became the model, by passing the european model to adopt the style of the Exhaust, as developed in the USA and migrating to the name Kuga those that were marketed outside of north America.

so it is not surprising that Ford is already working on the replacement of the Exhaust, which has already received an update in 2015. His arrival to the north american market will materialize in 2018 or 2019, but because as a model 2020. We understand that Ford will continue with the same sheet of current path, so that this new generation would become at the beginning of the next decade on the replacement for the Kuga, so that we can already predict an increase in size and new hybrid version to the Ford Kuga that we will see in nuestor market.