Ford Expedition 2018: SUV full-size bed comes with aluminum body


The new Expedition is bigger but more lightweight.

Ford has decided to unveil the new Expedition only a few weeks after the Detroit motor show, where we met with the refreshed F-150 and Mustang facelift. The new Expedition 2018 is a new generation full, very renewed at the technical level, but still, have preferred not to desvelarlo in any room important.

have not even decided to wait for the impending Hall of New York, one of the largest in the country along with Detroit, revealing all their images and news online, although not to its full specifications..

The new Expedition is now bigger, lighter and much more efficient, in addition to having an aesthetic totally renovated, although it still has that solid appearance that characterizes.


Its construction uses the aluminum to reduce the weight.

Is available in two variants of bodywork, short and long, and while the first has increased its length by 10 cms, the battle extended is 2.5 cms higher. It still features a steel frame but for your body has been used aluminum extensively, as in the current generation of the F-150, so that despite the new size has managed to reduce his weight, in around 136 pounds.

The only engine available will continue to be a V6 EcoBoost 3.5-litre twin-turbo, but very evolved with respect to the previous block. The Expedition will use the renovated engine that can be found in the F-150, as well as the new automatic gearbox of 10 relationships, replacing the previous 6-speed.

This engine it delivered 375 hp (380 HP) in the F-150, although the brand has not revealed the number of power that will have in the new full-size SUV. Both the Expedition as the Expedition L (long wheelbase) will be marketed in three trim levels, XLT, Limited and Platinum. And your marketing will start in autumn.