Ford Explorer: Already shooting the prototype in its final version


As with your body permanently.

The all-new Ford Explorer wheel in its definite format. This series of images show that the engineers of the brand american is already testing the new generation of the Explorer with her body-final, which already shows the traits that we see in the model when it is submitted.

This new generation is passed to the new platform D6, that the brand used for Ford models and Lincoln rear-wheel drive or full. Hence, there are reports pointing out that the versions that do not have traction drive system, total will be rear-wheel-drive in place of the usual configuration of front-wheel drive.

on The contrary, the last mule that they were able to get our photographers, this unit evidence already shows the first traits definitive of the model, easily compromised by the forms that adopts the camouflage.


it Appears with many more details than the mule above.

In the first place, we discovered a new front, less plane than the previous one, with a central grill rectangular features a second element is open under it. The protective plastic bottom of the bumper shows a shape in the center that continues the horizontal set of the grill.

Now we can see two sets of optical in addition to the main. Under these appear a set that we understand , must be the fog lights. Another characteristic feature is the bas-relief found in the doors, formed by the line of waist and the bottom of the door, a trait that seems to be extracted from the Mustang of the sixth generation.

In behind, we can see how the C-pillar appears tilted in the opposite direction to the gear and the bumper of this prototype is much more work than the previous one. The camouflage of the optical rear has changed considerably, which indicate that under those plastics are the optical group final.


The lag appears to be more camouflaged.

About the range of engines we know little at the moment, will be expected to be composed by blocks supercharged EcoBoost and perhaps eliminate the option of V6, like the Mustang 2018. The arrival of the new generation of the Explorer to the dealer will not be before 2018, perhaps with a presentation between this year or the coming.