Ford Explorer: the first images of their mules testing


Hunted in the vicinity of the facilities of Ford in Dearborn.

We have been able to get the first images of the new generation of the Ford Explorer. It will be the sixth generation of the SUV-size full-size of the brand of the oval, continue to located under the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator models, twins that share a platform and development.

The current-generation Explorer 2011 data and employ the platform D4, which is shared with models like the Lincoln MKT or Ford Flex, SUVs, mid-size, while recently was presented his update of half-cycle of life, revealed at the end of 2014 as a model year 2016. This new generation would replace the optical with a notch for a look more conventional and solid as the main aesthetic change.

The model that our photographers captured themselves in the vicinity of the headquarters of the brand in Dearborn, Michigan, was heavily camouflaged. With a disguise very similar to that which we have seen in other products of the brand, such as the Mustang or the Expedition.


Although rumors pointed to versions of rear-wheel drive, the Explorer captured does not have a rear axle.

This new generation will have the new platform D6 Ford, which will be the basis for several models of Ford as a Lincoln. This new architecture will have the possibility of housing models in both front-wheel-drive as propulsion and all-wheel drive.

According to latest rumors, the new-generation Explorer could have versions of rear-wheel drive, however, the mule of evidence that appears in the images does not have a rear axle to the view.

This mule testing in addition, it is being used to test the last family of engines EcoBoost supercharged, range you more than likely compose the future offer mechanics of the Explorer 2019, which could disappear the current V6’s maximum torque. This new generation would not be filed until the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018, with an arrival at dealers in the mid 2019.