Ford F-150 2018 unveiled the full


New grill and new drivers for the range.

The all-new Ford F-150 has been revealed in full. Shortly before the mark was present at the Detroit motor show, we already have all the images and news of this update, which will hit the market just years after the arrival of which is already the 13th generation of the best-selling model in the north american market.

As I mentioned a few days ago, the Ford F-150 debuts new front, which redraws the lines of this generation, with a few front riders in the form of C slightly modified and, above all, new bumper and front grille. According to the brand, the design of the new F-150 wants to bring the Super Duty, for which they brutalized a little bit more in the front vertical.

At the technical level, developments are found mostly in the (mechanical, with the addition of a new block V6 turbodiesel 3.0-liter associated to the manual transmission 10-speed. This engine does not come until the summer of 2018, so that the brand has not revealed any information on its specifications and performance, although it was revealed that it would be a version of the V6 3.0-liter that used Land Rover.


On the inside new equipment.

from that moment on, the F-150 will feature an array composed of 5 engines and in the base version you will find a new block V6 of 3.3 liters that will be associated with the six-speed automatic transmission. This new block have not revealed either their data, but is expected to yield at least what the engine of 3.5-liter it replaces, 285 HP (282 hp) and 343 Nm of torque.

the rest of the range continued to be the same that was available, the V6 EcoBoost 6.7 and 3.5 liters, in addition to the V8 of 5.0 litres. Now these engines will be associated with the new automatic transmission with 10 speeds, . All of the mechanical options will have system Start-Stop series.

In the technological area the F-150 premiered assist system pre-collision with pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise control with full functionality “stop and go”, system high-end audio, conexión Internet 4G LTE and has the systems, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into their infotainment system, the latest generation of the SYNC3 Ford.