Ford F-150 Limited, when a pick-up toys to be premium

The pick-up are status symbols in America. In some southern states – Texas, are you looking at – the pick-up are more ubiquitous than utilitarian and are also the clear status symbol. If you want to stand out you do not buy a Cadillac or a Mercedes you buy a pick-up at the top of equipment . He is thinking about those customers so Ford has released 2016 Ford F-150 Limited . It is Ford F-150 the most luxurious to date , with a decent equipment of a high-flying premium sedan.

it is expected to ronde price $ 60,000. The same price as a SRT Challenger Hellcat.

The distinction of the Ford F-150 Limited starts with the exterior. Equipped huge 21-inch chrome wheels wrapped in low-profile tires. This limits their use in road and maybe good roads. I assure you that profile does not get along with potholes or off-road driving. Its chrome grille has a different design versions of their work, and similarly, the gate of the box gives us a huge aluminum trim seen with chrome . Definitely not suitable for hard work.

The side exhaust output receives a chrome square aspect, a single outlet through which the exhaust gases emanating. Inside, materials and finishes worthy of a higher segment. Lacquered eucalyptus wood or leather covering every surface contrasts with the rough-looking hard plastic conventional versions of the car. Optics LED Limited or emblems scattered body and interior remind us every time we’re riding the top model of the Ford F-150 version.

Optionally, you can equip a support system for reversing with a trailer, which we pilot using a joystick.

The equipment is exceptional: seats 10-way power adjustment, fog LED remote start and active safety features such as caller vehicle in neutral. In addition, cameras can be mounted in 360 degree vision, and lane keeping assistant. As for engines, it is only available for the moment by 3.5 V6 EcoBoost twin-turbo, which develops a maximum power of 365 hp and 570 Nm of torque, coupled with a automatic gearbox six relations.

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