Ford F-150 Raptor Supercrew the american icon improves once more

Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Coca Cola. All of them could compete for being the greatest icon of north America, but that honor belongs to the F-150 Raptor from Ford. There is nothing that could better represent the american life-style this versatile pick-up that arrives once more rejuvenated for the umpteenth time. The Ford F-150 Raptor Supercrew, presented today in the Hall of Detroit 2016.


powerful Image for the truck more powerful, manufactured by Ford

on the outside may seem the same, the truth is that it is. Once again Ford has followed the formula for success that is so well learned has. Take a Ford F-150 regular and start putting on steroids to end up with a Raptor, the most powerful version made by the house of the oval. However, on this occasion, change many more things.

The first thing is this is the addition of two doors. The current Raptor only had short bodywork. A change that allows it to be more spacious and livable. Not forgetting the box of course, which still features the same dimensions with the possibility of adding a full lid without losing the tailgate.

inside Ford has allowed his truck more idolized count with last generation technology. A complete compendium of devices and assistants that not only will make the Raptor a beast devourer of roads, but also a reliable vehicle and connected. It includes everything you need and a little more.


The interior blends the space with the latest-generation technology

Under that body’s muscular that we like we find a pickup truck almost new. Starting with the rack, due to the addition of the two doors grows in size. This has been taken advantage of by part of the engineers to equip the Ford F-150 Raptor more rigidity, thanks to the addition of a greater amount of high-strength steel. The same thing happens in the version of two doors.

To this platform have added a new set of suspensions. Made completely from scratch, ensures a capacity of the reaction more agile, despite the fact that the weight remains high. Has been developed to show various behaviors, being so practical for road use as at the time of cleaving through deserts or destroyed roads. This also implies a greater traction, preserving for it the Terrain Management System of his twin sister two door.

If there is something that stands out the Raptor, beyond the obvious, it is by your power and performance. In this case, Ford has retuned slightly the engine. Not for more power, as it retains its 411 HP, but to make it more efficient. The V6 engine turbo 3.5 l features technologies of last generation that allow to save fuel. It is attached to an automatic transmission 10-speed developed to be able to withstand the power while saving fuel.


This beast is improved by the addition of two doors and with the structural changes