Ford Fiesta Active, the seventh generation debuts a version crossover

The Ford Fiesta Active is a new finish with style crossover, which debuted next to the seventh generation of the subcompact Ford. Adds a stylish outer appearance campero.


Finally, the seventh generation Ford Fiesta officially debuted yesterday in Germany. The utility comes with a new design, which retains some of the traits that were present in the model to which it will replace.

One of the novelties of the new Ford Fiesta 2017 is related to the incorporation of the new version Party Active, a variant that confirms that no car is safe from getting a variant with style crossover.

This new finish adds to the typical characteristics of this type of product, where no shortage of roof rails in silver color, a few bumpers of specific design which in its lower part equipped with a protection painted in silver color, side moldings in color silver and moulding into plastic without paint that cover the sides of the body, even in the wheel arches.


in Addition to the Party Active added some external elements painted black, such as the roof or the trunk lid, in the sector of tuition. The appearance of the exterior is complete with some alloy wheels specific to this version.

Em, and the interior, as in the rest of the range Fiesta 2017, the version jacket benefits of the new system of information and entertainment with a touch screen up to eight inches with high definition graphics, which protrudes above the dashboard, in the best style Mercedes Class A.

this Is an interesting version for those customers who are looking for a style campero and look for an option something more affordable than the EcoSport.