Ford Fiesta ST200, from 22.750 €

Ford Fiesta ST200The new version of the utility spicy american, the Ford Fiesta ST200 already has price in our country. The reinterpretation of one of the most interesting options in the market of the compact sports lands to be put back to the head, asking for about 3,000 euros more than his brothers of 182 horsepower. The ST200 is the more powerful, more efficient and more exclusive, and it is that, for put an example, we can only choose a color for the body of the model.

things were a bit boring for the family Feast, up in the living Room of Geneva appeared the Fiesta ST200, the new sports version of the utility. We are looking at a Fiesta ST, more radical and more fine. The dynamic capabilities of this sport variant have been reviewed, has built-in traction control system and stability better than that of his brother, and has reduced the overall vehicle height is about 15 mm All to offer to bring the steering wheel a few better sensations.

Ford Fiesta ST200The Ford Fiesta ST was good, but is that the ST200 is even better. Its 1.6-litre engine Ecoboost stretches the 182-horsepower above-mentioned until the 200 HP, and to encounter a product that is more powerful and attractive. The engine torque is 290 Nm, so the engineers have also improved in this section. For the enjoyment of all who ride in it, it is available a function overboost, which allows the ST200 delivered for 15 seconds 215 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque, a system that we can see in the Volkswagen Golf GTi Clubsport among others.

The price of the Ford Fiesta ST200 starts in our country in 22.750 € . This version is only available in the gray color and the rims that you see in the image, furthermore in your interior accessories exclusive to the versions ST.

Source – Ford

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