Ford Fiesta ST200, we already know its price: what you end up with the version of the 182 horses?

Ford has decided to take a step further to your Ford Fiesta more spicy, the Ford Fiesta ST, thus leaving us with a Ford Fiesta ST200 willing to bring back the Ford Fiesta to the top of the segment of the sport utility, a place taken away, questioned, after the arrival of the version “By Peugeot Sport” of the Peugeot 208 (see test of the Peugeot 208 By Peugeot Sport). Now the time has come to discover the price for Spain this new version.

Between this version and the 182 horses there are just over 3,000 euros of difference:

The Ford Fiesta ST200 comes with a starting price of 22.750 € , a price that stood 3.375 euros above the price of the version of the 182 horses that, as you have calculated, a part from the 19.375 euros.

But… how you justify that additional cost?

Your name gives you away. Under the hood the 1.6 supercharged goes on to develop 200 hp in place of the 182 horses, increasing its torque to 290 Nm from 240 Nm original. In addition to his gearbox, manual, receives a new gear.

The tuning of its chassis has also been revised, providing a suspension lower and firmer, better brakes, a new tare for your address, and a torsion bar rear more rigid.

how To differentiate it aesthetically? you will Have to guide you by your shade of grey, the only color that is available and your tires.


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