Ford Fiesta ST200: who are your rivals in the market? Time to reel off all the small GTI

Ford has already put a price on the Ford Fiesta more sporty, the Ford Fiesta ST200, in Spain. A version that, in addition to offer 200 hp has a point making it even more sport, but who are the rivals in this alternative? Time of sorting of the alternatives between which you’ll have to decide if you are planning to buy a small car sports.

The Ford Fiesta ST200 is postulated as a balanced option between the economical SEAT Ibiza Cupra and the Peugeot 208 GTI by Peugeot Sport:

The Ford Fiesta ST200 has a starting price of 22.750 € , 3.375 euros more than the version of the 182 horses, and ahead awaits, as a reference in the segment, a Peugeot 208 GTI by Peugeot Sport (see proof of Peugeot 208 GTI by Peugeot Sport) from 25.300 euros, bearing in mind that the normal version, the Peugeot 208 GTI, part from 21.500 euros.

Following with the French and to overcome also the barrier of the 200 horses (and the 25,000 euros) we have a DS 3 Performance from 27.390 euros.

SEAT Ibiza Cupra (see test SEAT Ibiza Cupra) is postulated as one of the most economic options, with 192 horsepower and a starting price of 17.400 euros. Is, remember, twinned with a Volkswagen Polo GTI (see proof of the Volkswagen Polo GTI) that, with the same propeller, part from 23.710 euros.

Abarth_595_2016_DM_2 (1)we Cannot lose sight of a newly renovated Abarth 595 Competizione (see all the details of the Abarth 595 2016), with 180 horses and not a few arguments in its favor, although its price plays against you, starting from 26.600 euros.

Nor do we forget that Renault has recently updated to the Renault Clio sportier, the Renault Clio RS, of which we tell you all the details in the article “Renault Clio RS upgrades its image, and is inspired by its bigger brother, the RS 16”. The downside is that for now we don’t have price of this model after the update.


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