Ford Focus 2018: First tests in the Arctic of the new generation


The camouflage of this unit is huge.

The new generation of the Ford Focus is already in development. The testing team of the firm has shifted these days, as many other brands, to the north of Europe to make the different tests at low temperatures, where our photographers have been able to hunt down the model, wearing a camouflage very severe.

Ford might not have wanted to risk, and have given this unit a thick coverage, and in addition to the vinyl standard we can find plastic elements in certain areas of the body, trying to simulate their forms.

This unit looks like a sticker at the back in which appears his nickname, Ringo, an affectionate name that makes us think that there could be other similar units with the names John, Paul and George, and maybe it’s even one called Yoko.


Your behind is also very stuffy.

there is Not a single corner of the model that is not completely covered. In the front we find a huge plastic of black color that covers the entire front bumper, leaving only the necessary holes open, like the central grill and the outlet of the lower air, which is necessary for the radiator to take air.

Doors and rear receive the same treatment, with visible plate ground-cover plastic black, which do not allow a glimpse of the ways that we perceive by analysing the relief of the surface of the vinyl cover.

Even so, the future lines of the new generation of Focus can already be perceived in this unit, which leaves exposed a few lines very similar to those that we have seen brand new recently in the new Ford Fiesta.


we Still find many elements interim.

from what we can see, the front is going to be very sharp, even more than the Focus current, the front riders – that we dare not even claim that they are the final – frame a nose that is seen in the form of a wedge, with a hood line that falls gently towards the seemingly thin front grille.

behind find drivers provisional, but we can see a
rounded C-pillar
, and a discreet rear spoiler on the rear window,
small in size and slightly tilted. Although the model has been photographed
while parked, the testers of Ford covered by
full interior
, so that we could not see any detail of your