Ford Focus EcoBoost: new mule that anticipates future version of 200 HP


This unit aims to test new systems.

The new Ford Focus 2018 will arrive next year and your marketing will not start until several months after. There have been a few occasions that we have been able to see the test units of the new generation of compact, although the unit that appears in this new series of spy photos is something different. As this is not a copy of the new generation, but a mule whose function is to try out new systems and devices.

As we can see with the naked eye, his body corresponds with that of the present generation, and in addition, this does not have the extensive camouflage that had previous development units. Although has outer elements that differ in the Focus that we can find at the dealership.

Your features more striking is the the presence of an exhaust outlet additional, so this is the first Focus EcoBoost that we see with dual output, which could mean that this mounts the same mechanics that encourage the new Fiesta ST of 200 horses.


Double output exhaust in the rear.

This mechanism has three cylinders and 1.5 litres, and in the all-new Fiesta will deliver 200 HP. This version could be a new step between the range of regular and powerful versions of the Focus, although we do not know specify if this will be the new Focus ST, since the current has a 2.0-liter that delivers 250 horses in their version of gasoline.

Another of the novelties that are testing this unit is a system “steering by wire”, that is to say, without steering column itself, which connect the steering wheel with the wheels. According to our photographers, when the vehicle stops, the engineers need to turn the steering wheel from lock to lock for the system to recalibrate the correct angle of the wheels to resume the march.

In the interior we find as the steering wheel and the tunnel of transmission appear in the medium to mount, in addition to various tools and an extra battery, highly visible, designed to power the system. This unit also mounts a new system of particle filter specific to gasoline engines.


it Will be presented in 2018.

The new range of engines, the Focus will have several blocks ecoBoost, starting with the small three-cylinder 1.0 litre, with powers between 100 and 125 HP, plus a 4-cylinder 1.5 liters with a range of powers between the 150 and 180 HP. In the section diesel we will find the 1.5 TDCi and 2.0 TDCi, in addition to new versions hybrid and electric. Although the latter does not know if it will be sold in all markets.