Ford Focus electric, 2017… it’s here! Although only in Europe…

Ford Focus Eléctrico

I Already admit orders! As well has made known to Ford, his new version of the Focus. The Ford Focus electric arrives in middle Europe with a battery of capacity is somewhat limited, but with many advantages at the time of recharge.

Ford, has willed that your Focus is one of the 13 models that make up your range together with a Transit Custom hybrid, an SUV, and a hybrid variant plug-in for the Mustang and the Mondeo, all of this with the arrival of the new decade. For now, and only in the north american market, the variety of models you can count on the palm of a hand.

Ford Focus EV (2)

The Ford Focus electric can be purchased (for now, exclusively) in Germany, Belgium, Finland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hungary and Norway. With respect to the arrival to Spain, yet Ford has not provided any information that allows us to orient its date of marketing.

In terms of the propellant, we speak of a 107 Kw electric motor power that will associated to a lithium-ion battery of 35 Kwh capacity water-cooled. This engine is capable of developing 145 HP, which amounts to almost a 50% more electrical capacity that the model of 2014 (23Kwh) from which it derives.

With respect to the autonomy, approves a figure of 225 Km. This figure is considerably low if we take into account the autonomy of its rivals, such as, for example, of a Hyundai Ioniq Electric (280Km) or a Renault Zoe (400Km).

Ford Focus EV (3)

A new connector for fast charging so-called System of Combined Load (CCS). will Allow users to to plug in your Focus to points DC fast charging on the road (service stations). This system will recharge to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes.

With the same connector in a home network, it takes 5horas to deliver a range of around 225Km. With a connector on a normal home’s electric network, charging the batteries takes about 15 hours… when the batteries are almost fully discharged.

on the other hand, Ford has wanted to patent the installation of 400 charging points ultrarápidos for certain regions of the European Union. With it will improve the comfort of use, will encourage the purchase and concienciará of the advantages that can have this type of vehicle.

Ford Focus Electric (4)

occupants will be able to enjoy the same facilities that the rest of versions. Apple Carplay, Android Auto and SYNC 3 will be are available along with an application for use in smartwatch (MyFord Mobile); let you know the status of the batteries or the place where we have parked our Focus.

Source – Ford

Ford Focus
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