Ford Focus RS against BMW M2, fierce battle circuit (with video)

BMW M2 contra Ford Focus RS en circuitoThe past 2015 was a good year in terms of presentations sports cars. Little by little we know details of the Ford Focus RS, the most powerful compact and prestacional ever made by the brand of the oval. And suddenly appeared the BMW M2 and took all the eyes. The sporty coupe German arrived with an image of aggressive and few skills that almost eclipsaban his older brother, the M4.

Although both cars are different concepts the two have a common point, many of the sensations and fun at the wheel. But what will be more effective on the track? AutoExpress has decided to face them in the circuit Landow in a thrilling face-to-face. Let’s see if the EcoBoost four-cylinder turbo 2.3-litre Ford can with the engine six-cylinder turbo and 3.0-liter BMW.


On paper the BMW M2 part with some advantage. As we said, your engine has two cylinders more and develops 370 HP and 465 Nm of torque. For its part, the EcoBoost in the Ford Focus RS is in 350 HP and 440 Nm. With the automatic DCT seven-speed the M2 makes the 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds, somewhat faster than the Focus RS that you need 4.7 seconds. Although traction could play an important role in this case.

The Ford Focus RS debuts all-wheel drive system with multiple driving modes that enhance its behavior. For its part, the BMW M2 has remained faithful to the canons of the brand and equips rear wheel drive. Finally the battle circuit ends with photo finish, since there is only a tenth of a second of difference between one and another. In the battle of prices comes out a winner, the Ford Focus RS in Spain part of the 41.490 euros compared to the 62.899,99 euros for the BMW M2.

Source – AutoExpress