Ford Focus RS HPE400 by Hennessey, reaching up to 410 HP on the engine 2.3 EcoBoost


Hennessey Performance promised us in the first advancement a lot of power for the Ford Focus RS, announcing the goal of reaching 500 HP. Finally, the power kit HPE400 makes it official, and it is certain that the result is a little far from what was promised: 410 HP for the new Focus RS, which represents an increase of +60 HP with respect to the performance series.

The pack HPE400 Hennessey will be available in the united States starting next month, and includes an electronic management changed, air filter, high performance, and a stainless steel exhaust with electronic regulation. By using these three elements, the Ford Focus RS has the 410 HP and 575 Nm of maximum torque, with a curve of the power delivery much more full in the low to mid-speed.


have Not transcended their new benefits, but it surely will be slightly better than those of the series model, which is able to reach 266 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4,7 seconds. coach north american does not offer new aesthetic to the exterior, limited to brand logos and a ‘HPE400‘ next to a ‘Powered by Hennessey‘ for the cover of your engine.

In this way, Hennessey exceeds the 375 HP that offers Mountune for Ford Focus RS, although in the case of Mountune the installation is done in an official service of Ford and retains the factory warranty. The price in the united States of this preparation HPE400 shall be 2.995$, soaring up to 4.995 dollars if we include the installation and testing of the performance in power bank.

This will not be the last word of Hennessey: coming soon will offer more parts -and more power – for the model, including new turbochargers and intercooler, so that a future HPE500 with 500 horse power does not seem too far-fetched…