Ford Focus RS, the development in road and circuit (video)

Desarrollo del Ford Focus RS 2016Ford is still releasing new chapters of his documentary about the Ford Focus RS 2016. The brand relies too much on this new model that qualifies him as the rebirth of an icon, a car that now comes with all-wheel drive and the development of which has also passed through the hands of the american pilot Ken Block. Now show us your tests on road and on track closed.

we are Going to discover the story of the new Ford Focus RS after the official photos and data, we discovered how it has developed and who is behind the project. Precisely the third chapter is one of the more bring us closer to the people who have to point, that they have formed a group to investigate what your potential audience requested and what is actually the RS was able to offer.


as Well, they teach us about Focus RS that come out for the first time a road open to the public where they face a variety of roads. From areas of curves to long straights, great heights where the engine breathes worse or areas of unbearable heat. Not devoid of potential problems, work to know what can be improved in the car and face up to the demands of the client.

on the other hand, chapter 4 has to Ken Block as the protagonist, the person in charge of stuffing the car to the test track and put all the meat on the grill to see how it behaves, the car to the limit. Not missing the rain, a key moment when we talk about a car that claims to be the first of its ilk to have all-wheel drive.


One of the more positive Block is the awd, namely that with this traction the car to be playful in the back, what is necessary to round the curves. On the other hand, it also commends that the rear is reached, pull on braking. In other words, a car demanding for the rider and fun to drive.

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