Ford Focus RS, tuning your engine in the sixth chapter of the documentary (with video)

Ford Focus RS documentalAlready becoming less chapters documentary “Rebirth of an Icon” devoted to the new sport of the brand, the Ford Focus RS. We are on the sixth installment and we have already seen in the earlier the onset of this project, its exterior design and safety, road testing, in circuit of the hand of Ken Block and even on the snow. This episode focuses on the development of their motor.

The team of Ford Performance is moved to the Technical Centre of Ford, located in Dunton (Uk), to solve some problems that had arisen at the time of putting to point of the engine. As we know the Focus RS uses the mechanical Ecoboost 2.3-litre that the brand had already used in the Ford Mustang. The challenge was to increase its power until the 350 horses and 440 Nm of torque.


As they say the technicians to increase the numbers was the easy part, but it also had to improve the durability and reliability of this engine. On the other hand on the test track is tuned to the operation of the Lauch Control, that system which allows an exit from a standing start as rapid as possible. The goal was to lose 5 seconds and was achieved well enough, as Ford announces a 0 to 100 km/h in 4,7 seconds.

at The end of the video is traveling to the plant of Saarlouis (Germany), where they make the prototypes for the Focus RS and prepares the assembly line to start producing it. This factory has the capacity to do 370.000 units per year and will be the only one that produces this vehicle exclusively and then export it to all over the world. Spain will arrive in early 2016 and its price here part of the 40.260 euros.

Source – Ford

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