Ford Fusion Sport: a Ford Mondeo with a V6 engine and 325 HP for the united States

Though for different reasons, the Ford Mondeo is do a lot of pray in Europe, we have to remember that in the united States is presented, as the 2013 Ford Fusion, now four years old. And that can only mean one thing, the Ford Fusion crosses the ecuador of its commercial life, so that we are in a time suitable for an appropriate face wash. An update, visual and mechanical, which will include the premiere of a Ford Fusion Sport, with a six-cylinder engine and nothing more, and nothing less, that 325 HP.

Ford goes to a V6 engine with twin-turbo to deliver a higher pair, and a regime which more low, than the six-cylinder engines of its rivals japanese.

The Ford Fusion Sport will use an EcoBoost engine of 2.7 liters and six cylinders in a v. An engine with a displacement volume relatively low for its 325 horsepower, achieved, among other things, a system twin-turbo by. Ford appeals to the importance of this mechanical turbo six-cylinder as the key to an engine that offers more torque, and lower down, than those used by their rivals japan, the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

This new version of the Mondeo american, the Ford Fusion, is associated to a system of four-wheel drive, suspensions adaptive damping variable controlled in real time.


On an aesthetic level, the Ford Fusion Sport also receives many other details that differ from the rest of the range Fusion / Mondeo. We need look no further in your behind, two outputs dual exhaust, rear spoiler integrated on the boot lid, or the design of the front grille with a frame of honeycomb.


The Ford Fusion has also updated its range Hybrid and Energi, a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid that Ford claims with lithium ion batteries, and with the proposal of a model plug-in, not present in its rivals, the Accord and the Camry Hybrid, you can recharge your batteries in just 2.5 hours and reach speeds in mode-pure electric up to 85 mph (137 km/h).

Ford currently has not discussed the possible commercialization in Europe of this new Ford Fusion Sport, which could occur, who knows whether as a Ford Mondeo ST. Let us recall that the Fusion and Mondeo are exactly the same car, a global vision of the sedan through Ford. In any case, a six-cylinder engine in v does not seem to be the feature most sought by customers in Europe, even though you have felt his presence to satisfy those who look for a Mondeo spicy and sporty.

Source: Ford
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