Ford GT 2017: Start of production of the first units to customers


it Will be manufactured in Canada.

According to official statement of the brand, the first copy of the Ford GT 2017 intended for a client has already been assembled in the factory canadian Markham, Ontario. Where all units for customers will be manufactured in a line especially for it.

The first exemplary luce – body black stripes and longitudinal orange, a combination very particular that surely his proud and lucky owner will recognize instantly. To commemorate the event, Ford has made a small event, in which has taken part Raj Nair, executive vice president of the brand.

“When we started the year 2016, we had two main goals for our Ford GT – dawn at Le Mans, and start deliveries before the year-end. We have achieved both.” Raj Nair.


The first unit has been the object of celebration.

The Ford GT will be manufactured in a special section of the factory Multimatic in Markham, Canada, and not in a factory own brand. will Be assembled by hand, as you can see in the images of the gallery, where each one of the GT 2017 will go through a series of boxes or stations, in their various stages of manufacture. The cadence of production is about 250 copies a year, according to the brand.

Interestingly, despite introducing us to order not only the final version of production, but the vehicles of the customers, the brand continues without reveal some of the most important data of the model. Such as their power, which officially are still more than 600 horses, and is therefore a V6 EcoBoost more powerful developed ever by the brand, or its performance and price.

These first units will be immediately delivered to its customers,
so we expect shortly to meet the rest of the details of the model,
that recently discovered the first images of its interior,
that as her body has barely changed with respect to the prototype
presented in 2015 and the following copies of pre-production.