Ford GT Competition Series: a Ford GT Lightweight more radical could be on the way


Ford GT 2017.

Up to now, the brand was not mentioned, nor even hinted at, that the all-new Ford GT 2017 could be another variant, however, the american press has discovered that in the own manual of the user of the model is mentioned a second version, called the Competition Series.

The manual, which you can download in full here, mentioned this second variant at least on a couple of occasions, since it has slight differences with the GT 2017 that we have seen up to now. And although its name could suggest that it is the version GTE of the model, the variant of competition that it won in Le Mans in 2016, it is certain that the own manual contradicts it, that the shows elements that do not appear in the racing vehicle and that are unique to this new and mysterious version.

The nature of this version of the Competition Series is for the moment unknown, but if we are to believe its name and its characteristics, we can intuit that this will be a version lightened model, and therefore, with a more sporty and radical.


The keys of both versions are different.

In the first place, as we can see in the above image, there are two types of keys, the standard and the exclusive Competition Series. The difference between the two is clear, the normal has a button that opens the rear hood while the other is not. This appears on page 42 of the manual.

This leads to a new difference, clear and obvious, and that is that the rear hood opens the other way, as you can see in the image below, and on page 149 of the above-mentioned user manual. One of the reasons that it argues the own manual to access the rear hood is precisely to be able to open the doors in the event of the end of the battery. Since the actuators of the doors of the version Competition Series are found in the upper part of the small trunk under the rear hood.

To open the rear hood, the above-mentioned Competition Series account with a handle manual which does not appear in either the standard version or model GTE racing. As you can see in the image below, taken from page 149 of the manual.


Procedure of opening of the rear hood on the Competition Series.

As you can see in the picture, another of the differences between the Competition Series is that account with a small mast is detachable to be able to hold your own rear hood when it opens, something that does not have the conventional version, and much less the version GTE of competition.

we Understand that this version may be a lighter version and with a
setup is directed to a use on the track
, perhaps a racing customer or vehicle
for track days. What is for sure is that we should not wait
too much official information on the part of the brand, especially taking
on account of the laxity with which have revealed details of a new Ford
. Many weeks after the start of its manufacture, we were still
waiting for the confirmation of data as basic as its power or maximum speed.