Ford GT, the first car with windshield glass Gorilla Glass


The Ford GT continues to speak. The return of the great american sport -in the form of a new model – it was made official almost a year ago, becoming the undisputed star of the Detroit motor show 2015. Its arrival to the production will take place during 2016, and will also be accompanied with a long-awaited return to competition at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Every one of the details of the Ford GT 2016 is taken care of with mimo. Its V6 engine EcoBoost 3.5-liter, located in a central position, or a hard-worked aerodynamics will contribute decisively to the performance and dynamic behavior of high-level, but there are other small details, unknown up to now, it will surely surprise you.

┬┐that sounds like something Gorilla Glass? There are many chances that the glass of the touch screen of your smartphone have specifications Gorilla Glass. These synthetic crystals have been developed by Corning, and provide a greater resistance to scratches and small bumps that a conventional glass, although obviously they are not infallible: you would not be the first that she drops the cell phone on the ground and its screen is broken into a thousand pieces…

This resistance makes the crystal Gorilla Glass are ideal for mobile devices, which are subject to conditions of use in very demanding: think, for example, when you keep your phone in the same pocket where you carry your keys or coins. The next step for Corning is already here: the Ford GT will be the first car to incorporate a windscreen Gorilla Glass. And with all security, it will not be the last…

Ford has worked in conjunction with Corning, and the result of the development is this windshield hybrid that will be mounted on the Ford GT. Until now, the windshield of laminated glass are the usual rule, present in virtually all of the cars, and are formed by two layers of glass that are joined through an inner layer of thermoplastic.

The Gorilla Glass Hybrid used in the Ford GT has a different structure. In this windshield uses a technique multi-layer, with an outer layer of annealed glass, another intermediate layer of the thermoplastic with acoustic insulation and a last inner layer.

The result is a foil between 25% and 50% finer that a windshield traditional, while maintaining an equal or greater strength than this, at the same time that reduces weight by 30%. The thickness of this glass Gorilla Glass hybrid is between three and four millimeters, and has been subjected to specific tests of resistance to impacts, overturning and wind tunnel, as you can see in the video above.

in Addition to the windshield, the rear cover of the engine of the Ford GT will also be made out of this glass Gorilla Glass. Being lighter, the total weight is reduced by 6 kilograms with regard to a laminated glass, and the vehicle’s center of gravity is closer to the ground, enhancing the dynamic behavior.