Ford has already begun road testing of its first autonomous car


The first autonomous cars from Ford are already rolling down the california roads

If the technology we talk about, there is no place better in the world than Silicon Valley in California, united States. This hub of research and development is being the stage for the evidence of Ford and his autonomous car. A development than a year in coming, but that is slowly becoming reality.

there is No brand that is not immersed in a project of this caliber. What a decade ago were the hybrid and electric cars, Ford will launch next year its first car fully electric, today it is driving autonomously. The human being is destined to lose the reins of the driving, or at least that is what it seems.

With the passage of years, Ford has been expanding its development center in Silicon Valley. What a few years ago it was the home of 15 workers, are, today, more than 100 engineers, researchers and scientists which are responsible for performing complex and advanced experiments for the future that in a few years will be the bread our of every day:


“Go Further”, a registration is well-suited to the Mondeo autonomous

  • Virtual test of autonomous vehicles: hard-driving autonomous resides in the coexistence with the real world, other cars, pedestrians, obstacles… this is why Ford seeks to replicate the way real as possible a real environment so as to develop systems with a real capacity for use in real-world environments.
  • sensor Fusion: years Ago cars barely used sensors. Today there are only a few, but a battalion. They tend to detect and locate obstacles, merging between them to create a perimeter, including pedestrians, traffic signs and other vehicles.
  • Detection of pedestrians: they Are the weaker elements of the roads. Its protection is vital, and to do so in recent years we have seen developments that are specific to their detection. The sensors mentioned above exert an important role, by allowing the car to be able to see them.

All of these projects will be part of the first autonomous vehicle from Ford. A Fusion/Mondeo that has already begun its testing on real roads. The american brand expects to make it official by the end of next year. All the effort that it will free us from work, increasing the safety of pedestrians and other drivers of the road.


The technology must be easy to read and understand for drivers