Ford has already made 12 million cars in Almussafes

Ford Fiesta 40 aniversarioSpain is one of the world’s countries with a greater tradition of manufacturing cars. According to Lebrancón (2009), one of the scholars of our history of the car, in 1920 the Ford Motor Company settled in one of the first and main zones of Spain, especially in Cadiz. However, as the direct competitors of Ford moved to Barcelona, had to move to its plant in cadiz to the town.

it would Not be until the year 1976 when it moved production to the city of valencia Almussafes. This plant was inaugurated on the 18 day of October of that year and since then has done no more than bring happiness to the region and Spain. Its location was chosen in 1973 by Henry Ford II because it was decided to acquire 270 acres corresponding to a 636 orchards of the area.

Ford MondeoIf the dates do not fail, the 18 of November of this year, the factory in Almussafes will meet forty years. In addition, as you could have read the other day, the model that celebrates this birthday is the Ford Fiesta. The small city of the mark of the oval was the first vehicle that the brand made at this plant. This car came to revolutionize mobility within the brand after the serious crisis of the oil.

During the forty years that the factory has been running the Ford Fiesta has been the best model assembly with more than 5 million units. The models that follow in the ranking are the Ford Focus with 2.2 million units, the Ford Ka with 1.4 million, the Ford Escort with more than a million and the latest model of a greater volume has been the Orion with more than 400,000 units.

These models have given way to new ones that the the Fiesta and the Focus have been discontinued at the valencia plant. However, to replace them came in 2013, Kuga, Mondeo and Transit Connect provides the plant with a new load of work for most more years.

According to Ford Spain between the years 1976 and 2015 have been manufactured more than 11.6 million vehicles and if we add up the forecasts for this year, the result is that you have made during these cuarent years more than 12 million cars.

Many congratulations Almussafes, these forty and many forty more.

Source – Ford Almussafes

Source – Lebrancón Nieto, J. (2009) “warehouses in Spain, 1914-1930)” Research in Economic History, University of Santiago de Compostela.

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