Ford in Detroit could present a new Ford GT

nuevo ford gt Ford podría presentar en Detroit un nuevo Ford GT The Ford GT40 is a true legend in the automotive world, a gem of a collection that managed to claim victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans four times and consecutively thus defeating the almighty Ferrari . Let’s say as a tribute to this successful model maker Blue Oval unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in 2002 the Ford GT supercar developed low philosophy “Living Legends”.

As is evident and as it reveals the design philosophy, the Ford GT sports a very similar lines to model competition, a line which led to confusion among less experienced. However, the production model stopped no successor in sight although this may change if the rumors are confirmed. From Carscoops warn that the Blue Oval manufacturer could present at the next North American International Auto Show for new Ford GT .

nuevo ford gt 1 Ford podría presentar en Detroit un nuevo Ford GT Ford has not confirmed or denied this news, but we have to wait some time to know what’s true and that the Detroit opened its doors in early January. If some information from the above publication, we would see in January to new Ford GT whose production would be limited just 1,200 units and that would have a motor V6 Ecoboost turbocharged with 600 hp.

would certainly be good news for all fans of the engine and the Ford GT has always caused sympathy, so much so that even the very Jeremy Clarkson has one in his garage . With this new Ford GT and V6 turbo’s criticism over its excessive fuel consumption would end, but having a car of this type can afford to spend a few euros on gas.

Source – Carscoops

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