Ford invests in autonomous vehicles tripling resources


keep coming news CES in Las Vegas. This time related to the autonomous vehicles and with mark Ford as the protagonist.

The company has announced that added to its fleet, currently composed of 10 autonomous vehicles, 20 new models Fusion Hybrid in order to expand the range of research on these vehicles and accelerating the development of the same.

The new cars will be built a new sensor called Solid-State Hybrid Ultra PUCK that imply an improvement in the radar LiDAR in which you have already trusted the manufacturer. These sensors feature a more scope, 200 meters specifically, and are the first built specifically for a car in to handle different driving scenarios.


The navigation software used by the vehicle, equivalent to the brain in humans, will be accelerated and you will get more information processed, thanks to these sensors.

The sensors thanks to its lightness and its shape can be installed easily in the vehicle, as for example in the rearview mirror, to the pair to reduce the number of sensor LiDAR of the current four to two.

vehicles Fusion Hybrid 3rd-generation will have in addition to additional features and a wiring duplicate for the boot, the steering wheel and the brakes, which will act as a support if necessary.