Ford is developing its first SUV electric 2020

Ford Kuga Vignale

The automotive world is shifting towards models that are driven by energies increasingly clean. hybrid, electric cars and fuel cells are the future, and brands are already working so that when you ask for the customers they can sell. Ford Engine Company, announced a month ago that is going to carry out an investment of about $ 700 million to hybridize and electrify its range.

The idea which the american manufacturer is to launch in the year 2020 a hybrid variant of the Mustang, F150 and Transist, however, the firm kept an ace under the sleeve. As has been leaked, in the house of the blue oval would also be developing an SUV medium size all electric. Of this be true, Ford would be one of the first brands generalists in having a vehicle of these characteristics in the market.

Ford EcoSport 2018

The idea is quite good since the pull-up commercial of the SUV and all the roads / terrain is very high and if they have a green option but it could still improve its positioning in the market. The reason is that, according to a study of the firm customers would see with good eyes a SUV electric, because to be a bigger car and heavy contaminates more and if it were driven by a block Zero Emissions it would be better valued for their subsequent purchase.

All of this is not far-fetched, since according to the signature new generations feel increasingly attracted by the ecology and the respect for the environment. In addition, Ford will not only provide an electric motor, since the SUV would arrive loaded with a whole bunch of the technological elements that the embelesara which “pied Piper”. This will ensure a good sales and support of a discerning audience and some interested in having a car as means of transport.

To finish, we will mention the only data mechanical that we have. As has transcended the electric motor of this SUV would be a autonomy between refills 480 kilometers. It seems to us an acceptable amount, although from here you could increase in several kilometers further.

Ford Kuga
From 25.600 euro