Ford is warning dealers: must invest to be able to sell the Ford GT

Ford GT

The new Ford GT may not be sold in any dealership.

The truth, is something that could qualify as “foreseeable”, although it is clear that everything associated with the all-new Ford GT can bring the head to the dealers and points of sale authorized of the brand. If a while ago we already talked about to buy a new Ford GT would not be a bed of roses as it should pass an examination, now we echo some information that directly affect the dealers as well as authorised points of sale.

And, the new Ford GT will not be available in all dealerships located in the markets in which the new GT will be marketed. The reason? Neither more nor less than Ford wants to offer the “experience you deserve” their customers who wish to purchase the new generation of its iconic high-performance sports. To do this, Ford will force the dealers to make a large investment to adapt its facilities.

we Talk about an investment of little more than 27,000 euros for dealers to be able to count with the equipment specialist and the necessary spaces to work about the new Ford GT. In terms of the space of work that is needed to be able to act on the Ford GT, the brand defines it as a “clean room” is restricted to those employees qualified to perform the repairs of the GT.

Ford GT

dealers need to adapt their facilities in order to receive a certificate of sale.

once the dealers do in front of such an investment and have their facilities, will receive a certificate of Ford to be able to market the new GT. With such a certificate, the dealers will have access to the spare parts official and other after-sale service associated to this model.

on the other hand, the technicians and mechanics of each dealer in which it is going to be put on the market the new Ford GT may be someterse to a broad technical training to be able to perform all types of repairs and activities on the sports model. Yes, the brand already warns that, in case of major repairs or situations that are “serious”, the dealers send the units for repair to his headquarters.