Ford is working on a rival to the Tesla Model 3

Ford is working on an electric vehicle long range and affordable price, to compete directly against the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3.

FordPfirst was General Motors with its Chevrolet Bolt, and a few weeks ago it was Tesla who presented his Model 3. Now is Ford that will be added to the segment of electric cars long range at an affordable price.

data, it is clear from recent statements carried out by the president of Ford Mark Fields the american newspaper The Detroit News. Fields said that they have intentions to position themselves as leaders in the electric vehicle segment, in terms of quality, autonomy and price.

at The same time, the new version of the Focus electric you’ll have an improved autonomy, that will be enough to meet the needs of the majority of the users, taking into account that may travel more than 160 kilometers with a single charge of its batteries, that is about 40 miles additional stop to the current model.

Ford had already announced earlier this year that electrificaría its entire range of models, that includes the launch of 13 new electric and hybrid vehicles by 2020. Among these 13 models is referred to the launch of the new generation of the Focus electric, a model that could be referred to as Ford Model E and that would allow for a single charge of its batteries to achieve an autonomy of 320 km.

Meanwhile, GM will launch the Chevrolet Bolt to the end of the year, with a starting price of 37.500 dollars, while the Tesla has located the price of the Model 3 in $ 35,000.