Ford, Leads your Life: become the driving courses free 2016

Ford, conduce tu vidaIn 2016 Ford will continue to shape the younger riders of the Spanish roads. The trademark blue oval is launching a new edition, the third, of their driving courses free “Ford, Leads your Life”, with 900 new spaces that can benefit young drivers, with between 18 and 24 years of age. In Europe these courses are from 2013 and have already trained more than 13,500 young drivers, 2,000 of them in Spain.

The goal of “Ford, Drive your Life” is to improve the driving skills and raise awareness among more young people. In these driving courses free to work on maneuvers that help keep under control the car in dangerous situations, learning to control the speed and the safety distances and braking. At the same time, it exemplifies the impact that distractions with the mobile phone and alcohol have on driving.

Ford Conduce tu VidaThis 2016 courses will be held between the days 3 and 8 June in Alcobendas (Madrid), specifically in the fairgrounds Park of Andalusia. Courses will be morning and afternoon, although the calls have not yet been announced.

registration will be open to the public next may 3 in and you can sign up any person with driving license and are between 18 and 24 years of age. The 900 seats available for this year are assigned by rigorous order of inscription, though once exhausted, it is possible to join and remain in the squares of booking, for if there was low last time.


in Addition to courses that Ford conducted, the program ‘Ford, Leads your Life’ account on the Internet with your Academy On Line, where power instructional videos on behavior behind the wheel. After the courses taken the previous two years, 65% of the participants claims not to have gone back to using a mobile phone behind the wheel, while 93% claimed not to have returned to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Source – Ford